We’re Closing Our Doors…We’ll miss you!

A Note from Rick & Sharon


As they say, ‘all good things must come to an end’. Sticky Bud Organics is no exception. While the ending is bittersweet, we also happily look forward to the next chapter… a lovely retirement.


We got into this business because we believe in the power of the herb and wanted to bring it in a delightful way to the market. After four wonderful years of bringing some gorgeous goodies to our faithful followers, we’re happy to report that our store and products have received nothing but 5-star ratings. In fact, we’ve only had one customer complaint, and it was about our childproof caps (which we immediately switched out on all of our Original Hemp Extracts. We also sent them a new bottle of extract) It was through that complaint that we were able to improve our offerings! So we’ve always welcomed that kind of “complaint” (helpful feedback).


Along with meeting wonderful customers and retailers, we’ve been privileged to get to know our Amish partners. We’ve become quite close and it’s been a treat to work with them. We couldn’t have asked for a better working relationship with like-minded friends.


All around, this has been a great experience for us. We want to give a big thanks to each one of you. We certainly couldn’t have done what we’ve done without you. Please make sure and visit our store where you’ll find the last of our inventory. Get what you can now while you still can. Simply keep your extra stock in your fridge for safe keeping.


We wish you great joy, peace and health. We’ll miss you!



Rick & Sharon Houghton

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