We’re Open for Business…

Sticky Bud Organics

Sticky Bud Organics is happy to announce that we are now open for business! As you may know, while some of the country has been enjoying the Cannabis craze for years, Pennsylvania has been slowly getting into the field (no pun intended). In fact last year was the very first year that farmers could officially grow their crops for sale, thanks to the 2018 Farm Bill.


We couldn’t be happier to be a part of this new business and look forward to offering you our high quality 1500 mg hemp extract as our first product. We’ve spent many months getting this product ready for the market. It started with the selection of the perfect strain for our area. Our Amish farmer chose River Rock, from Colorado. In fact, when a broker came out from there to take a look at his crop he said that it was the best he’d seen in over a decade! This was an amazingly beautiful, sticky crop that could be smelled for miles. In fact, that’s how we decided on the name, Sticky Bud. The stickiness comes from the terpenes, which is a good sign of the potency of the plant.


We’ve spared nothing to bring you the highest quality herbal product. From the growing of this gorgeous crop to the packaging of the product, we didn’t scrimp on anything. You are going to love the purity, taste and effectiveness of this hemp extract. We look forward to hearing about your experience with it. We will be bringing you several other amazing hemp products down the road. However, this one could be considered historic, due to the fact that it’s from the very first year that hemp could be produced since the Cannabis Prohibition… from where it all began, Pennsylvania. Get yours today.


To purchase, please place your order through our site. You may pay with a credit card or by check.