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Spotlight: Cassie of Emerald Springs Spa, Hershey, PA – How Do They Sell Sticky Bud Balm So Well?

We were so pleased the day that Cassie, the assistant spa manager of Emerald Springs Spa, decided to carry our line of Sticky Bud Balm. Knowing that our balms are perfect for the spa environment, we were so happy to see that Cassie saw the great fit as well. Since that day, our balms have been selling like hotcakes there. In this article we set out to find out exactly how this spa does it. How do they consistently sell so many balms?
First of all, I’d like to give you some background on Sticky Bud Balm. We formulated these all-natural balms with spa clients, or basically anyone that understands the benefits of using natural products, in mind. Every jar is handcrafted in small batches using completely natural ingredients, including essential oils for scent. Our goal was to create unique varieties that would be both effective and enjoyable.

We offer 3 different varieties – Each one is Pure & Potent.


The Balmy Nights variety has the highest CBD strength (500 mg per oz) and offers an exotic floral spice scent. (It has become our best seller). Blue Ice (400 mg of CBD per oz) has the cool refreshing scent of eucalyptus and peppermint. (I personally use this as a lip balm and love the results!) Lavender Breeze (300 mg CBD per oz) is made using gorgeous organic Bulgarian lavender. It’s a hit with those that love fresh lavender (which is basically everyone). These balms are 100% pure and magnificently potent!
Emerald Springs Spa, located in Hershey Pennsylvania (the chocolate capital of the US), is the kind of place one dreams about visiting. Owner, Cindy Alger, created this high-end luxurious spa in 2003. It’s the place to go for all-natural massage and body treatments. And yes, they do offer chocolate-centered treatments like their ‘Cocoa Massage’ and ‘Cocoa Sea Salt Scrub’. As Cassie told us, “ I love that we are able to provide an escape for our clients, now more than ever. Self care and wellness are so important in today’s world. Massage is much more than a luxury, it has so many benefits to our emotional and physical well-being. I love that we are able to provide that for the community.”

One of Emerald Springs Spa’s cozy, well-maintained treatment rooms.


Before we learn how Emerald Springs Spa has become so successful at selling our balms, we think you’d like to know how they’ve become so successful with their business. While so many businesses went ‘out of business’ through the lock-downs, this is a business that stood strong. This alone, says so much. What is their secret? Simple, they know that in the spa business, it’s all about treating every guest to a first-rate experience. They offer a welcoming, serene environment. They’ve made sure to hire a friendly, well-trained staff. And finally, they are very discerning when it come to which products they use and sell. It only takes reading their client testimonials to see that they’ve truly mastered these rules for success!
As Cassie says, “One of the things that makes us unique is our team! Our therapists are highly trained, and continually add to their knowledge and certifications. They make it their goal to customize each treatment to provide the most beneficial treatment to each client. Our focus is on wellness, not just relaxation. Massage can help to ease both mental and physical tension. Sports and fitness, while improving over all health, can take a toll on the body. Massage helps to keep your body balanced and working well, and our team loves to be able to help their clients in this way.”
The spa itself is impeccably maintained, giving each guest a retreat from the stress of their day-to-day lives. They offer a clean, beautiful environment, enabling each guest to experience their own blissful sanctuary. Cassie and the others that work there are experts in making each guest feel welcomed and relaxed. Added to the gentle hands-on treatments using safe, effective products, and you’ve got a place that anyone would love to visit.
We wanted to get Cassie’s insights on why our balms sell so well there. When asked about the packaging, Cassie said, “We think the packaging is great, clean and simple, that’s always best. It’s informative without being wordy. The glass jars are perfect. I also like that there are the smaller sample sizes now, especially for use in treatments, that has been a great addition.”
Exotic Spicy Hemp Extract Balm

Beautiful, simple packaging for an exquisite balm!


Allowing the client to experience the product in a relaxed way can be very effective. Whether it’s experiencing the balm in the treatment room, or being offered a small dab on a sample stick, the important part is that the customer gets to try it for themselves. It’s one thing to see a lovely jar, but it’s a whole other thing to experience the product. The scent alone will reach them deeply.
It seems that the Balmy Nights variety has been the hands down favorite. Cassie told us that, “The Balmy Nights balm is the #1 seller here. People love the scent, and the high strength. Next to that is the lavender. Spas, relaxation, and lavender are an all in one! Lavender is always a fan favorite. ”
When asked about the feedback of the balms in general, Cassie said, “Our clients love the balms the most! For sports, post workout, and even for headaches. They love how the products ease muscle tension. Most recently a client of ours said she used Blue Ice on her temples when she had a migraine and it gave her relief. I’ve actually started using that the same way and it definitely eases the pain. In addition, I have issues in my shoulders, and I’ve seen a difference in between massage treatments, it loosens and keeps my shoulders from locking up so tightly. I always recommend consistently using the products for the best results.”
Getting Sticky Bud Organics products into the minds and hearts of customers is easy when you have a good plan. Cassie does that so well. So we decided to ask her how she markets these balms. She told us, “In addition to promoting on social media from time to time, we use it in our services, which is a huge advertisement for the product. People use it in their treatment and often pick up the balm on the way out. We have all of our CBD products right on the counter near check out so its very visible and that leads to people asking questions and at the very least picking up a brochure on the way out.”

Clients see Sticky Bud Balm at checkout and are offered a sample stick with a dab to try.


To explain how the Sticky Bud Balm is used in their treatments, look no further than their menu. You’ll find an ‘enhancement’ option of Full Spectrum CBD Balm. The therapist will use the Lavender Breeze variety as an add-on to any massage treatment (for an additional fee). The therapist begins with a ½ oz size jar, leaving half of the balm in the container for the client to take home with them. We worked with Cassie to come up with what we refer to as our Bulk Pack just for this purpose. The Bulk Pack contains (25) ½ oz jars, at our best price. You can thank Cassie for this idea, and we think it’s a great one! If you have a spa, look for this currently in Lavender Breeze on our website. Simply let us know if you’d like a different variety and we’ll work with you to get it into your spa or business.

This is our ‘Bulk Pack’ in Lavender Breeze. Perfect for spa use.


We’d like to give a heartfelt thanks to Cassie and Emerald Springs Spa for helping us with this spotlight article AND for doing such a wonderful job of getting the word out about Sticky Bud Organics products. We love to see our products being used and enjoyed by those looking for the very best in all-natural beauty and wellness. If you have a spa and are looking for amazing products that your clients are sure to love and appreciate, we look forward to serving your all-natural needs.


Emerald Springs Spa storefront proudly displays the Sticky Bud Organics poster in their window.


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