NEW – Honey & Hemp Extract!

It’s not easy to NOT talk about something that you are excited and passionate about. But we’ve managed to keep a lid on our next line of hemp goodies. You can now try our ‘tasty’ version of hemp extract. For us purists that like the flavor of straight hemp, this may be a change. But we think you’ll find it to be a very unexpected change… in a very good way!
These flavors are not your typical flavors that are filled with artificial this and that. These were made by us, specifically for our new Honey & Hemp line! Each flavor tastes just like what is written on the bottle, because that is exactly what it is. We don’t believe in using ANY synthetic ingredients. We’ve carried this belief into these extracts. In fact, each ingredient is even organically grown. So there are none of the things you don’t want, just pure unadulterated good flavor.
For those that want to enjoy their hemp extract without the hemp taste, we think you’ll be quite pleased. You can choose between Ginger Spice, Coffee, Cacao Mint and Turmeric & Black Pepper. Because they have an alcohol base, they blend well with water or juice. Or you can simply add a dropperful under the tongue for a minute or two before swallowing.
However you enjoy these, we are very happy to bring them to you. Bon appetit!
PURE & POTENT – 1 oz Glass Dropper Bottle | 800 mg of CBD | Price: $65

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