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Plainly Better
Our hemp has been grown organically by an Amish farmer in bucolic Lancaster County, Pa. We’ve had the privilege of getting to know him and his wife, as well as their beautiful family through this endeavor. We’ve also had the opportunity to get up-close and personal with the actual crops. It’s one thing just to sell bottles and jars of product. It’s a whole other thing to be in the actual field where the hemp is growing. We’ve touched and smelled it, getting to know it personally. In fact, it was through the ‘touching of it’ that we came up with the name ‘Sticky Bud’. It left a delicious glue on our hands after feeling it. This ‘glue’ (or resin) is the result of superior farming methods and having the right strain for the area.   ^Back to Top


Amish Ways

After getting to know our farmer and his wife, we’ve gotten to understand the Amish ways better as well. Also known as the ‘Plain People’ for their simple ways, they are honest and true, loving people. We’ve found a connection that is very special. The love that they express within their community should be the benchmark for all of us. They follow the golden rule, “Treat others the way you’d want to be treated”. They practice this in all that they do, including their farming techniques. After asking our farmer how long farming had been in his family, it became apparent that it was a multi-generational existence. In fact he didn’t even know how many generations before him they’d been farming. It’s just always been the case. It’s with high probability that some of his ancestors probably grew this type of crop generations ago. ^Back to Top


Why Lancaster County?

Pennsylvania was once the hub of hemp-growing. In fact there are still several towns with the name ‘hemp’ in them. Lancaster county (the same place where the movie ‘Witness’ was filmed) was an important part of that history. It’s one of the most picturesque places, as well as one of the most spectacular growing regions, in the world. There’s nothing sweeter than enjoying a slow-winding drive through the Lancaster countryside. On any day you’ll see the slower paced lives that bring a simple beauty and elegance to the land. You’ll see horses and buggies clip-clopping along and perfectly manicured farms. Lancaster County is truly a joy to experience.  It’s also perfect for growing our Sticky Bud Organics hemp! ^Back to Top


What makes this crop historic?

As you’ve probably heard, hemp along with it’s euphoric cousin, Marijuana, has been banned for many decades. This prohibition put a stop to hemp, while the pharmaceutical industry was able to thrive. After much debate (and demand), slowly state by state, the people voted to bring it back into their lives. In 2018 the Farm Bill was finally passed, allowing citizens across the US to use this plant again in the form of hemp. Industrial hemp, as it’s known as, has a very low concentration of the chemical compound known as THC. That’s the part that gives the ‘high’ (and the munchies). In fact the amount allowed by the FDA is a mere 0.3%. As long as the plant stays within this threshold, it’s considered legal. Ours has been tested by both our extractor and a third party to make sure that it falls within the legal amount. This particular crop was grown in the very first year that Pennsylvania farmers were allowed to grow hemp and actually sell it, making this an historic crop, and products that it produces. ^Back to Top


What does that mean for you?

Through the 2018 Farm Bill, hemp was successfully removed from the FDA’s Schedule I classification, enabling consumers to purchase and use hemp legally for the first time in several generations. This is pretty exciting stuff when you think about it. This plant which used to grow like a weed was completely banished from the people. It’s now available again! With all of the raves that it gets, it’s no wonder that it’s good reputation is flourishing from people of all ages and walks of life. ^Back to Top


What are the benefits of this plant?

Here’s where it gets a little silly, in our opinion. Our country follows FDA rules and regulations. They are strict about what we can and cannot say about hemp. They say that we can’t reveal any health benefits… period. Therefore, we will not do so. What we can say though is that this is a superior plant in so many ways, allowing the user to find those benefits for themselves. We encourage you to do your research and talk to those that use it. The information is out there, just not at this site. We choose to stay in business. ^Back to Top


Suggested Use

Everyone is different, therefore what works for one person will be different than what works for someone else.

Hemp Extract (Full Spectrum CBD and CBG):

Our suggestion is to start slowly, and work up to a desired level. Generally, starting with a 1/4 of a dropper under your tongue is a great place to start. You may want to work up to a full dropper. Leave it under your tongue for at least a minute or two, then swallow. You’ll see that our bottle is a 1500mg strength. So each dropper should be around a 50mg dosage. There are thirty 50mg dosages per bottle. To use topically, simply massage a small amount into the skin, or blend into your favorite carrier oil to spread further. – Our Hemp Extract is not for use for anyone that is pregnant or nursing. Keep out of the reach of children. Please get advice from your healthcare provider prior to use.

Honey & Hemp Extract (Full Spectrum CBD):

We advise starting slowly with any hemp product. So begin with a quarter to a half of the recommended dosage on the label to see how it works for you before raising the amount. This is an 800 mg 1 oz bottle, which means that each dropper contains around 26 mg. The recommended dosage is a quarter of a dropper to start.

Use it straight by placing some under the tongue for at least a minute, then swallow. Since this is an alcohol-based tincture you can also mix it easily into water or another type of beverage.

Sticky Bud Balm:

We offer 3 100% natural varieties of balm, each having their own (gorgeous) scent and CBD strength. While the Lavender Breeze is the lightest strength, it’s actually equivalent or stronger than most CBD balms on the market at 600 mg. Whether you choose this variety or our Blue Ice (cooling and stimulating), or Balmy Nights (exotic floral spice), these are the directions…

Massage this luscious balm into the skin. Our balm is quite potent and we suggest it for sore muscles, tired feet, and areas that need special care. It can also be blended into your favorite carrier oil to extend it further to use on larger areas like legs and arms. You’ll love that we’ve formulated these balms with pure, high-quality essential oils, boosting the effects of the CBD and creating heavenly aromas that will increase your relaxation and enjoyment.

Note: This balm is for external use only. Use only as directed.


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Who is SharAmbrosia?

SharAmbrosia is the distributor of products created from this exciting historic crop of hemp. Our company was formed with love and a heartfelt dedication to providing all-natural beauty and wellness products and information for a world that desperately needs them. We’ve been at the forefront of leading others to a healthier lifestyle, one that utilizes God’s herbs and botanicals as opposed to synthetic ones. You can see our All Natural Beauty Website (created in 2003) to learn more. We look forward to bringing out more unique and gorgeous hemp products. They’ll also be based on the power of hemp, and keeping things completely natural. Quality matters, and we’ll always strive to make the very best products possible. ^Back to Top


We proudly bring this crop to you and your family

When we met our farmer and his wife, we instantly formed a connection. We are so privileged to be working with this beautiful family to create products that will enhance the lives of all that use them. We decided to take things slowly and bring one special product to the market to begin the endeavor. That product is our 1oz bottle of Full Spectrum (1500mg) Hemp Extract. It’s a superior product in every way! It’s a potent example of purity and effectiveness. Try this product to reveal the importance and power of this newly liberated herb. This hemp extract is the basis for our Sticky Bud Balms as well. We are getting absolute raves on this balm, which can be attributed to our very special hemp extract! ^Back to Top


What makes Sticky Bud Organics Hemp Extract so special?

Besides the things that we’ve already expressed, like the superior growing region and expertise, we’ve taken the time to extract the product the right way. We chose to extract by the CO2 method. This is a better way to go because it doesn’t leave any chemical residues. It’s also a slower and more expensive process. This step cannot be overlooked when choosing which brand to use. Our extraction is done with organic MCT (Coconut) oil, giving superior taste and purity. We really enjoy the taste of the hemp. Part of herbology is getting to know what you’re using through taste. We believe that it’s part of the self-titration (dosing) experience. Along the way we’ve decided to cater to those that really want a ‘flavored’ version of our product. So in keeping with our belief that all-natural is always best, we’ve created a collection of 4 completely natural (and organic!) flavored extracts. They are in a honey and alcohol base, giving them a sweet flavor and longer shelf life. We call them Honey & Hemp Extracts, and we think you’re going to love using them!  Get to know us, and get to know our offerings. We think you’re going to be quite pleased. ^Back to Top

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